Hames Trucking - Overweight, broke axle and wouldn't pay.


Hames Trucking was a good company at first.Was really happy with them, but then they decided to act really rudely to me.

I went to get a load, it said 35000 lbs. When i picked up the load and went to the weigh station it said 47460 lbs. I got a fee and I called them and told them the situation they said well we will pay for the fee and i returned and took some weight off. I went to the weigh station again and seen I was still a little over weight and they broke an axle.

So I had to go back unload everything and go get my axle fix. When I called them and asked them to pay for the fee that they promised and asked if they would pay for the broken axle they said we are not going to pay for anything because you didn't carry the load to the destination.

I tried explaining that I couldn't carry it to the destination because it was over weight, and because it was overweight on one axle more then the other it broke an axle.They said, sorry should have carried the load to the end, not paying a penny now.

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